Http request one after another

One thought on “Http request one after another

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a problem again 🙂

    The problem is basically like this:


    We have a Python script that creates a listen socket and accepts requests from remote clients (ie; browser requests).  Everything goes perfect in the first http request.  The browser sends the GET request, Telit accepts the connection and then GET message is received by Telit and finally Telit goes to NO CARRIER state.  Everything is normal until this point I guess.  Then we repeat the process again send a GET request through the browser. Telit accepts the connection but we do not get any browser request message this time.


    We try the same commands with native AT commands by hyperterminal and there is no problem.  We are suspicious about the timing between AT#SL and AT#SA commands, or something like that but not sure.


    Do you have any ideas?

    Kind Regards,