Http request one after another

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a problem again 🙂

    The problem is basically like this:


    We have a script that creates a listen socket to get http requests from a remote client (ie; a browser).  The socket is created successfully and Telit listens on that socket.  When we send a GET request from a browser, Telit accepts the incoming connection, gets the request header message and goes into NO CARRIER state.  Then we repeat the process, socket starts to listen, we send another GET request but in this case Telit does not receive any request header message. It goes directly into NO CARRIER.

    We try the script AT commands throught the serial port manually and there is no problem.  I guess there is a timing issue that we have to care but our trials are not successfull.  Do you have any ideas on waiting through the SL and SA commands? Maybe we require some waiting through other commands?


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    1. We have just resolved the problem. Sorry for taking your time.  The problem is turned out to be because of the waiting time between SL and SA commands. We placed sleep(50) there and we also added some delay to our php server code before sending data.  Everything is ok now 🙂 

  2. That’s strange. Maybe some buffer read problems? Try to read socket info AT#SI during connection to check the amount of data sent and read.


    PS: Ah OK, thanks for solve notice.