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    1. Hi Joze,


      I’m glad to see you here.

      Telit IP Easy User Guide doc has the example you need from the page 49, please read it.


      1. Hi Joze,


        I’m glad to see you here.

        Telit IP Easy User Guide doc has the example you need from the page 49, please read it.


        Hi Cosmin


        I’m glad too that is possible writing here! 🙂 


        Yes I read this manual but:

        I have GM862 with latest firmware: 07.03.402 

        but I think not support: AT#SD but only AT#SKTD



        Wich revision of  "IP Easy User Guide" must I read?


        I see this in manual:

        GET / HTTP/1.1<cr><lf>


        Connection: keep-alive<cr><lf>



        I know what this mean but how is in my example?!

        example: where insert header? where body?

        where for example: X-ApiKey



  1. I found something!



    Now I work with   csv   example:

    GET /v2/feeds/24118.csv HTTP/1.1

    X-ApiKey: vzFbxctaEoRPR3PZEQfexcRNU7Wu4vxHBpSQjTycrs

    Connection: keep-aliveHost:


    working OK!



    But if I want use PUT then I get error: 

    ".. 411 Length Required.."



    example PUT with wrong answer:

    PUT /v2/feeds/24118.csv HTTP/1.1<cr><lf>

    X-ApiKey: vzFbxctaEoRPR3PZEQfexcRNU7Wu4vxHBpSQjTyrcrs<cr><lf>

    Connection: keep-aliveHost:<cr><lf>



      1. on my above post I say: GET command working! But:
        working only if I test with script in this "AT command tester":
        script is:
        GET /v2/feeds/24118.csv HTTP/1.1<cr><lf>X-ApiKey: 
        vzFbxctaEoRPR3PZEQfexcRNU7Wu4vxHBpSQjTyrcrs<cr><lf>Connection: keep-alive<cr><lf>Host:<cr><lf> 
        and NOT WORKING working with RSterm:
        (I open "Telit HTTP" and then put this tekst in "HTTP Request" window)
        GET /v2/feeds/24118.csv HTTP/1.1
        Connection: keep-alive
        X-ApiKey: vzFbxctaEoRPR3PZEQfexcRNU7Wu4vxHBpSQjTyrcrs
        I also test in PYTHON….not working! Only stay on
        and then after some time:
        NO CARRIER
        PLEASE for help, because I spent to much time of this ….***** !?!
        1. RSterm is supported elsewhere, on producer’s website.


          1. disable flow control for online data with AT&K0

          2. Finish HTTP queru with double  <cr><lf> , ie:

          <cr><lf> <cr><lf> 

          1. 1. … yes I know

            2. … how can I know!?   Yes this was problem … now working! THANKS!



             now go to PUT example:

            what problem(s) are here?


             I have working example at: “Fiddler Web Debugger”

            User-Agent: microera

            X-ApiKey: vzFbxctaEoRPR3PZEQfexcRNU7Wu4vxHBpSQjTyrcrs

            Content-Length: 97

            Content-Type: application/json



              “version”: “1.0.0”,

              “datastreams” : [

              {“id” : “2”,

              “current_value” : “0”}



            totaly same example  not working on GM862!



          2. FINALY work also HTTP command   PUT


            problem was on end of header lines! End of headers must be like on end of GET command:

            rnrn instead   of   rn