HSPA+ -> 3G or 4G?

2 thoughts on “HSPA+ -> 3G or 4G?

  1. I am trying to figure out if we can advertize a product that integrates the HE910 as 4G.

    A year back many cellular carriers were advertizing their UMTS network as 4G.  I can also find several articles that mention the ITU as expanded the definition of 4G to include HSPA+ but this is actually an interpretation of the ITU’s statement. I can’t find a clear indication that HSPA+ at 21Mbps is 4G.

    I receive a lot of pressure from management that we can’t release a new product and call it 3G but at the same time we do not want to be at risk of claims of false advertising.

    Is there a formal definition of 4G that includes HSPA+?



    1. Dear Olivier,

      the HE910 is a 3G product (HSPA+ 3GPP Release 7) and it is not capable to work on 4G LTE networks.

      HSPA+ is an evolution of HSPA and it has been defined by technical standards 3GPP Release 7. It can be considered a 3.75G technology

      • 2G GSM
      • 2.5G GPRS
      • 2.75G EDGE
      • 3G WCDMA
      • 3.5G HSPA
      • 3.75G HSPA+
      • 4G LTE
      • 4.5G LTE Advanced


      So I would stand more on 3GPP standards than on cellular carriers’ marketing terminology 🙂