How to use SIGMDM(2) ?

5 thoughts on “How to use SIGMDM(2) ?

  1. I’m trying to use signals to get notified when new data is available on MDM or MDM2 but I seem to be using it incorrectly:


    signal.signal(signal.SIGMDM2, self._sig_mdm2)

    results in an exception: ValueError: signal number out of range 


    How exactly is it supposed to be used? 

    1. Hello Marco,

      Sorry for my late response, we had some technical issues with the forum after the migration to the new platform.

      As Cosmin already wrote, this function should work.
      I forwarded your error message to the R&D department and asked for an explanation about what could be the cause of this issue.
      I will let you know as soon as I receive an answer.


      1. Apparently in some circumstances SIGMDM2 may not work correctly.
        R&D is already working on, to solve this issue.