How to update ME70-169 firmware?

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      if you use our demokit, please refer to SRmanager tool user guide. (flashing)

      If you do not use our domocase, please refer to following note:


      Local module and flashing via serial cable.

      Procedure with TX, RX, GND pin only:


      –       Start the module

      –       Use a basic terminal software to send ‘+++’ and wait for ‘OK<CR>’ reply. (Default config is 19200 8N1, if no response is coming back, try all serial speed from 1200 to 115200 until receiving OK).

      –       Still using the terminal send ‘ATBL<CR>’ and wait for ‘OK<CR>’ reply. ATBL is need to put module in Program mode.

      –       Launch SRManager tool utility and flash the module.

      Note: <CR> is for Carriage Return, 0x0D character.

      SRmanager tool is available here:

      Attached official SW version also