How to update GM862-GPS firmware OTA?

2 thoughts on “How to update GM862-GPS firmware OTA?

  1. Hello all,

    We’ve got a few hundred units out in the field that use the GM862-GPS. We recently moved our data servers and as a results, a handful of the Telit modules seem unable to upload to the new FTP servers, whereas others are OK. This is the same regardless of whether a domain name is provided or a direct IP. 

    I was wondering how it would be possible to update the firmware for those particular modules OTA?



    1. Dear Amr,

      what we can do is to provide the latest firmware for GM862-GPS 7.03.403 and if needed the stream protocol used (same of XFP), you can integrate in your microcontroler. In any case you should modify the firmware of your controller in order to update the module. Anyway to do it OTA the module should be able to connect via FTP or TCP/IP to a server, which I understand is not the case.

      If you are interested in receiving the protocol, we need to sign an NDA. Please write a request to for more info.