how to set up a video call using UC864-E/G module

2 thoughts on “how to set up a video call using UC864-E/G module

  1. I am trying to make a video call using UC864-E/G module. In the FAQs the following is stated:

     UC864-E/G module can support only its bearer and the customer should
    implement the video telephony protocol (3G-324M) and its UI application,


     UC864-E/G module can support SVD(Simultaneous Voice and Data) feature,


     To setup Video call use this bearer: multimedia 64 kbps CS Data call (AT+CBST=134,1,0)



    1- What is the proper procedure to establish SVD feature to make a video call using CS Data call?



    2- How and where do I supply the 64K video bitstream to UC-864?


    3- Is there any Application note etc available that explains the details?



    1. 1 – The procedure to establish a CSD call for video call is quite simple





      2 – Once you get the CONNECT message after the ATD command, you can start sending the 64Kb streaming using the 3G-324M protocol


      3 – There’s no application note for this functionality but you can find many documents about 3G-324M protocol in the net.