How to send DTMF or tone over channel

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  1. Hi all,

    I have been trying to generate tones locally in the HE910 that will be heard on remote phone port but currently I have only been able to produce to my ear.

    I have tried AT#TONE but only generated sound to speaker, not line.

    I know I can use AT+VTS, but the timing is dependent on provider and causes problems.

    Are there any methods I can use to generate DTMF or tones that reach the far end?

    Also, are there any methods to detect tones from the far end?


    Many thanks,


  2. Hi,

    my problem is, that my GE910-GNSS’s GPS needs about 30 minutes to have the first fix after a cold start. I could find, that it is possible to use AGPS to get a fix sooner.

    If I’am not mistaken, there are two ways to achive this: with ST-AGPS seed or with an EPO file (our product will have poor GPRS connection, it is not possible to wait, till we download a 3 MB file from an FTP server).

    In both of the cases we have to establish a connection with a HTTP server and download a file. Can you please tell me the average size of these files? Can you please name such HTTP server(s)? What will happen, if I do not have an accurate date an time (only from an RTC)?

    Product: GE910-GNSS

    Firmware: 13.00.108

    Thank you.