how to hide file, if we are using FOTA

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are using GL868-DUAL V3 for developing python based GPRS module. in this we are using module internal processor.

    if we are using serial programming, then we are hidden file using “AT#WSCRIPT=,[,]”. command

    but, if we are using FOTA, then how to hide file, because we are writing file using file operation.

    f = open(filename,’w’)

    Please suggest solution to hide file, if we are using FOTA.


    1. Telit FOTA service upgrades the firmware of the module (at+cgmr the command to see the version), not the scripts.

      If you have implemented your routine to upload the scripts. locally or over the AIR, the scripts should remain untouched by FOTA upgrade, with the same protectioon you did.

      If you mean some commands to protect the access to the files stored  in NVM, a new command has been created in the last official versions.

      You could use, to avoid the access to your files in the NVM , the new command AT#FILEPWD.



      at#lscript    –> a third person can not see your scripts
      +CME ERROR: incorrect password

      at#filepwd=1,”mynewpwd”  —> you need to insert the pwd to see them

      #LSCRIPT: “SERtest_30.pyc”,90  (it is the the script that we stored in the module)