How to get time and date working with #NITZ

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  1. Working with 864 quad…


    Command #NITZ=1,1 is accepted but no string back with time and date.

    More strange that #NITZ=8,1 is rejected from the ME.

    1. What means “rejected”? I suspect SELINT is not set to 2?


      And for the updating URC not coming back, not all networks are supporting NITZ, maybe this is the case with the one you are using.


        Yes you are correct, not all network operators support time and date service in the network. But I have tested with serveral operator/network and a least one support clock and date.


        I check with a mobile phone and the network want to update the time and date at power on for the first time. (The phone is a old one and the backup battery for the clock as been running out for a long time ago. – Nice to check present of time/date service in a unknown network ).

  2. What is your module answering at the following commands?








    Check if the #NITZ URC is coming after module network registration.


    1. Here is the result:

      #SELINT? reply 2

      #NITZ? reply 1,1

      +CGMR reply 07,02,102 

      #NITZ reply ERROR


      Comments #NITZ gets error as above, but #NITZ=1,1and #NITZ? working fine. I cant understand error message for the #NITZ

      The #NITZ is a valid command. Do you agree?

      1. The simple #NITZ without parameter won’t work. You’ll get more
        detailed info about the errors if you enable the verbose mode with


        The firmware you have is (very) old and
        possibly at that time #NITZ parameters values range did not have your
        required ones. Please update to the latest firmware and do the tests

  3. ok, I understand. Good idea to upgrade the firmware.


    I do a first look on theTelit websaite download zone, datasheet area… but I did not find any firmware to download. 864 qaud py.


    You my help me even for the 865quad py because I am is working with these module too, and they are also from the same delevery.

  4. Hi


     i am trying to syn the network time with CCLK, but failed.


    suspecting the network provider give the service for NITZ. 


    Can anyone tell me how to  know weather the service provider give NITZ service or not?


    kindly help me.



  5. Jan, I have found the network operator provided time-and-date a bit unreliable service and tried Internet based NIST time servers as a good alternative. they are supposed to serve 24/7.


    A usual problem is that once you connect, the time-and-date information from the network is just blank, i.e. zeros. Maybe for a long time, or even perpetual. I never understood what the occasional reason to not get the time was.


    Is your application going on-line on the Internet anyway? Then, as a first task you might want to ask the current time from one of the NIST time servers. Not much code required to do so.


  6. For the task Tom is suggesting see the dedicated command AT#NTP available on firmware 10.x, 16.x, 13.x.

  7. Thank you Cosmin, I did not know about this command. I must check if it is on my latest, 10.00.007…

    Again, let me complain here about the fact that while Telit introduces new and clever commands, it is difficult to notice and make use of them. The 600+ paged AT command manual is a monster to read. It serves somehow the purpose of being a MANUAL into which you go selectively when you know what to look for. But find SOLUTIONS, well, not too good for that.

    I would welcome some sort of  "Application notes" for explaining novel AT commands with working examples. Those ANs could be issued whenever new commands or capabilities are introduced.


    Forum helps of course, thanks for keeping it up. 

    1. Hi Tom, we are all in the same boat – what I do, I take every new Delta doc and read first about new commands and inspect them in AT Commands Reference Guide, then take the modifications of older commands in a more relaxed manner. Indeed seem there are many news lately, the Telit ferment of inovation is good quality.