How register 325 works on M-One protocol for tiny pro 868 modules?

2 thoughts on “How register 325 works on M-One protocol for tiny pro 868 modules?

  1. Hi all.

    we are developing an application using tiny pro 868 MHz modules under Mesh mode. One of the register called position (HAYES register 325) is set by the coordinator. To avoid collisions these registers must be different in all modules in the network.

    We have discover that sometimes this register is set to the same value on two different modules, this is not a problem if both of them talk to the same parent, but they cannot be connected one to the other on the same branch of the mesh.

    Although the M-one manual sais that this register is only read mode (writable with administrator permissions) we have done our own code so this register is written when the module gets into the network. It seems that works fine but we don´t know if this can be a problem in the future.

    any advice?

    Our firmware is M-one 3.10 (I know is a bit old but is difficult for us to get updated information about this).

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi

      325 register can assume the same value in 2  different R, if the 2 modules are power on at the same time.

      The correct behaviour is:

      power on before 1 module and than other module, in order to have a new value for R325 register, it has to be set to 0 before 

      Otherwise You can write a new value into Register directly (I suppose You already do it)