How can be managed a situation with two coordinators on the same network close enough?

4 thoughts on “How can be managed a situation with two coordinators on the same network close enough?

  1. Hi all.

    We are working on Tiny pro 868 MHz under mesh mode.

    We have discover that when two different coordinators use the same network (HAYES register 310) and are close enough the communication fails.

    Is there any possibility to solve this issue appart from changing the network of one of them? Our equipments are portable so we don´t know where they will be deployed, even more, we will not be in the presence of the equipment once deployed for use.


    1. About
      Coordinator please consider that into a Netw can be present only 1
      Coord, so you should implement a different network for other Coord.

      1. Thanks a lot for your response Cosmin, but my problem is still there.

        first of all, I do not want to work with two different coordinators on the same network, but I would like to be able to detect that there is another coordinator on the same network close to my equipment.

        We have been doing several test with two coordinators, the behaviour of the equipment when two coordinators are close enough one to the other is such strange that we cannot find any parameter wich indicates us that the reason of that behaviour is this one….

        The equipments will be portable, so it´s possible (really low possibility) that when deploying one of them on the field, there will be another coordinator close. It would be great for us if there is some way to confirm this situation so we can change the network ID for this second system.

        is there any message that will be received on one coordinator from the other?

        1. Please consider that You cannot modify Coord ID, this register is read only.
          So if your Coord is near to another Coord You have to change network ID (of one COORD) not Coord ID.