HE910v2: GPS_LNA_EN always inactive

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  1. We are observing an issue with the HE910v2: our board is designed in a way so that we need the modem signal GPS_LNA_EN to be active in order to enable a external regulator to supply a GPS active antenna.

    In the HE910v2 eval board we observe that as long as the GPS module is enabled [AT$GPSP=1] that signal is active. The signal goes low again when we deactivate the module [AT$GPSP=0]. All in all, the expected behaviour.

    However in our board we are unable to get GPS_LNA_EN activated regardless the activation state of the GPS module [AT$GPSP=x]. We have discarded that the cause of the issue may be a hardware problem because that signal does indeed activate upon modem boot, but only for ~150ms. However, further AT$GPSP commands have no effect on the state of this signal.

    Please find below the versions of the devices we are using:

    (working) modem on the eval board

    at+cgmm? HE910-EUG-V2

    At+cgmr? 14.20.030-B037

    (non-working) modem on our board

    at+cgmm? HE910-EUG-V2

    At+cgmr? 14.22.031

    Any hints will be appreciated!



  2. Hello

    We have a similar issue with the GE910-GNSS module.

    The GNSS_LNA_EN can only be activated one time after the module power up.  The GNSS_LNA_EN signal responds to the AT$GPSP=1, and AT$GPSP=0 changing the voltage level from 1.8V to 0V.

    But when we try to send another AT$GPSP=1 the signal GNSS_LNA_EN does not change.

    This GNSS_LNA_EN signal is used to enable an NCP612SQ30 chip which supplies the 3V to active antenna.

    Due this error in the GNSS_LNA_EN signal the board can not adquire position, only the first time when the module powers up.

    The firmware version is 13.00.106.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hello Gabriel,


      are you using the GE910-GNSS interface or your application? In this case, can you share the schematic, please?

      A ticket with your support request has been opened on TS-EMEA. Please, when reply to this message add TS-EMEA@telit.com on copy in order to have all the information in one thread only. Thank you.


      Best regards,

      Federica Cara

      1. Hello Federica,

        I attach the schematics.

        I send this schematics and also the PCB files to the Telit Design Review Service.

        If you need I can send you the report from the review.

        Sorry, but I don’t know how to send this mail toTS-EMEA@telit.com, I can’t see the CC field.

        Best Regards,