HE910 using A-GPS

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  1. Hello Trying GPS in A-GPS configuration (C-Plane Network ) but with out success for now. 

    it’s writen that network need to have SMLC and GMLC  services. My questions are :


    1) Do I need to extra configuration for module to use this services ?

    2) How can I check that network has this services ? 



     About Secure User Plane Location


    Does Telit has SUPL server? if no, some advice which server to choose / 



    Thank you. 

    1. SUPL is a protocol used to exchange agps info over the cellular network.

      HE910 is compliant with SUPL, but Telit is not a SUPL service provider.


      It is responsibility of the  user to select the SUPL Server provided by the Location Service Provider or third party.


      Therefore you should verify with your network operator is they provide SUPL service or check with Google, RxNetwork or others which are the parameters to set into the module to use their service.