6 thoughts on “HE910 RFTXMON

  1. Is it not possible to monitor RF transmissions using GPIO5 on HE910 (RFTXMON)?

    I could not find any reference to it in the documentation and it does not seem to work on my dev kit like it does for GE910.

    Is there any other way to obtain the same functionality on the HE910?

      1. Thank you Luca.

        How much traffic does the HE910 generate apart from when it is in the middle of transmitting data or sending sms (e.g. sync, updates and handover events)?

          1. Hi Luca. Sorry for being a bit unclear.
            It turns out that we actually need the RFTXMON functionality for the project we are working on.

            We were thinking we could partially implement it ourselves in python by setting GPIO5 every time we need to send data (using a TCP socket) or sms and reset it once the function call exits (I should mention that there is no incoming data to the module so we don’t have to worry about that).

            However, my question is whether this scheme would cover all possible RF transmissions from the module or if there are some edge cases when the module is transmitting that we have no control over (e.g. related to maintaining an active context, registering to a network or handover to a new cell etc.)?

            If so it would be good to know when this could occur and for how long?

          2. Hi Arni,


            you could cover 90% of cases but not all …

            module need to periodically transmitt somenthing and you have no access to this information under python..