HE910 Python performance

7 thoughts on “HE910 Python performance

  1. Is there any documentation that describes anything related to the performance of the python interpreter of the HE910 Module?. I’m specifically interested in the processing speed.


    1. There are no benchmarks but for sure is faster than 1.5.2 on previous modules.


      1. We have made a speed test with GC864-V2 (CPUMODE=3) and HE/GE910.

        The GC864 is more than 60% faster.

  2. Hello Cosmin


    we do it very simple.

    1.) store the current second in a variable

    2.) make a loop with 10000 calculations like a = 100 * 23

    3.) After the loop is finished we take the new time and calculate the difference


    The GC864 was in our test app. 60% faster compare to the HE/GE910.

    1. May be but such tests have little relevance for a real project where more useful things are done. Is your test made with SIM, registered in a network, HE in 2 or 3G?


      1. You are right, but it gives an impression.

        All test are made with registered into the network.