HE910 Network survey

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  1. We are changing from GE910 to HE910 on one of our devices.

    On the GE910 we have been using AT#CSURVB=5 to do a quick network survey. This command doesn’t seem to be available in the HE910.

    What could be an alternative to do a quick network survey on the HE910?

    1. No, there is not a command equivalent to CSURVB on HE910.
      Maybe you might implement a parser for the outputs coming from one the #csurv commands set and catch e.g. the ‘cellId:’ string that is common to 2g and 3g BCCH channels and stop the searching when you reach the wished number of BCCH channels.
      Or if you want select only channels on 2G xor 3G, you should know the range of channels you need.
      An useful link could be this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMTS_frequency_bands

      Pay attention that to activate #csurv command on HE910, you need to configure the module with at+cops=2 command, that is in detached mode, to avoid any potential conflict with normal module operations, as written in the AT commands reference user guide.
      please give a look also at #csurvext setting, if you need some particular info

      1. Thank you for the reply Luca.

        Can I stop the scan on my request? That is, can I stop the AT#CSURV network survey when I have reached the desired number.

        If so, how can I do it?