HE910-NAG AT$LTC Command Error

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  1. Trying to import a supl certificate CA into the HE910 module for assisted GPS. Every time I attempt to use the AT$LTC command it returns back with error. The AT$LTC? command is recognized but setting the certificate information is not.

    For example … AT$LTC=”23243434343″,1000,1,0 produces an error. Note the example is not the actual hex string being provided.

    I have looked at the app notes and search this forum but I could not find any information on using at$ltc command.


    1. Hi,

      1) did you convert the certificate in the $LTC format? (on attachment you can find the procedure)

      2) Did you split it into segments of 300 chars maximum? on attachment you can find an example.

      1. Thanks.

        Was the google certificate was for supl.google.com on port 7275?

        If was able to important the certification in hex using the commands you provided. 

        Unfortunately I still received an socket error.

        Is there any way to get more detailed information on the cause of the error?

        Please note the attached trace.

        1. Hi,

          the certificate on attachment was just an example, so I don’t know it it’s still valid. Just few more questions: 

          1) do you want to use supl.google.com with a secure connection?

          2) Can you try with the not secure connection (following the example below)?









          AT$LCSTER=1,”…imsi…”,0,0 ‘for non secure connection, “…imsi…” is the SIM imsi (#CIMI)


          AT$LCSLUI=1  ‘1 if 3G and 0 if 2G registered








          AT$LCSLK=1,1 ‘link context 1 to A-GPS




          …wait for “$LILCS: 0” and then activate context  


          AT#SGACT=1,1 (if #ENS=1 then context is automatically activated)


          3)Which fw version are you currently using?

          4) Are date and time set to current date and time?


          By the way, you can find a more detailed information on the error cause in the AT command user guide. 

          1. No connection does not need to be secure. We assumed that was the only way to make the connection.

            Thanks for the great information. We were able to use you latest commands successfully.

            Thanks again