HE910 module interfacing issue with android 5.0

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are evaluation HE910 module for android based mini computer for cellular connectivity. We are able to make the voice call and SMS. it is working fine.

    Computing platform: SBC – IFC 6309 from Inforce ? based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c running Android 5.1.1. 64 bit.

    Telit Module: HE910 G

    Firmware: 12.00.006

    Attached log for your reference.

    But when we are enabling data connection, we are getting below response:-




    The same loop is repeating the log due to data connection not established.

    We already added all drivers (cdc_acm & cdc_ether) as mentioned on the telit_RIl_user_guide.

    on init.rc service dhcpcd_wwan0 /system/bin/dhcpcd -ABDKL wwan0 is added
    on the getprop we are getting [init.svc.dhcpcd_wwan0]: [stopped], even we try to activate manually it’s not starting.

    on the netcfg the wwan0 is not came.

    Please let us know what is the issue.

    Best Regards,


    1. Can you make a test with the following sequence of AT commands (manually) and paste the log:


      Please note that DHCP client must be running on the host OS, otherwise you will receive an error after “AT#ECM=0,1”.

      1. Hi Mr Taj,

        Please find the responses screenshot attached.

        In continuation to our evaluation with HE910, we have observed the below cases.

        We have upgraded the firmware from 12.00.006 to 12.00.008.

        As per RIL document 1VV0301239_Telit_RIL_User_Guide_for_Android_OS_5.x_6.x_r3, HE910 is falling under Group 1(PID: 0x0023) and Group 3(PID: 0x0021).

        DMESG command reponse is ID vendor=1bc7, idproduct=0023(screen shot attached)

        We have tested the data establishment with PPP(Group 3) and DHCP(Group 1)

        For DHCP we have explained the responses in the 1st post as above

        For PPP below are the responses

        1. When we establish data connection for the first time, we are able to connect to internet and browse. But once if we disconnected the data and turn on the data, after wards it’s not connecting to Internet.
        2. When we are switching from Wifi to Mobile_Data, this time also we are not able to connect Internet.

        For both the above cases, the 3G symbol is visible on the bar and ppp service is running.

        Here I attached the logcat while starting the module for PPP.

        My queries are

        1. Can we establish data connection through DHCP, since the PID is 0x0023?
        2. Please advise if any changes to be made for the PPP connection, since it is not getting connected for the second time (Once data is turned off and again turned on).
        1. I am sorry for the typo error, the correct syntax is ?AT#ECM=1,0?,
          anyway, in your second attempt you used the correct syntax.

          According to your log (telit_3_tst and telit_2_tst), it seems that the dhcp is not running on your PC side.
          After ?AT#ECM=1,0?, the module activated CID 1 and then it was unable to assign the IP address to your host OS and therefore replied with an error and deactivated CID 1. For this reason you have received the unsolicited:
             +CGEV: ME DEACT IP, ?, 1

          So, before issuing ?AT#ECM=1,0? to the module, can you issue this linux command:
               dhclient wwan0

          1. Hi Mr Taj,

            Thank you…

            We are able to establish the data connection through DHCP.

            Can I know the issue with PPP connection as explained above.

          2. Your issue is not something usual, maybe the ppp process wasn’t closed properly on your OS, or the routing table wasn’t cleaned correctly.

            Can you test this PPP issue on another Linux PC?