HE910 losing signal after roaming

2 thoughts on “HE910 losing signal after roaming

  1. Hi,

    I’m using the HE910 firmware 12.00.324. 

    We have some modules which are acting weird when crossing Canada/US border. We are using canadian sim card with roaming activated for US and passing from Canada to US in zones where coverage is excellent. Nonetheless, sometimes the module is giving CSQ 99,99 for a while (just seen 5 hrs this morning!) and it is not happening all the time.

    RFSTS is something like this : #RFSTS: ,,,,,,,,0,256,18,4,,,FFFFFFFF,”302610015877300″,””,0,0.


    We are switching from Bell to At&T in Detroit, where AT&T coverage is excellent.

    We are always doing 60sec tries asking for signal quality every second. If still 99,99, we reset the modem and start again. At some point, we are seeing a weird CSQ response giving a -51 dBm but BER at 99 (a second before, it was rssi 99!!!). When this happen, we are starting our pppd connection thinking we have good signal and guess what, we are connecting and the CSQ are good.

    Does this ring any bells to you?


  2. I will also ask another question that I think may be related to my problem.

    On the Telit modem, we provide the VUSB voltage. Do we need to turn off this pin when resetting the modem? IS it considered as a digital pin that needs to be low when resetting?

    If yes, what kind of behavior could we expect from the modem if we didn’t do it?

    Thanks for your quick reply please!