HE910 FW upgrade through USB and hopefully under Linux

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  1. Hi,


    Recently my distributor (Janus RC) gave me last 12.000.04 FW for our HE910-G modules. Problem is that the package they sent me contains XFP and FW binary and not the FLASH USB driver.


    My module has its UART conected to an ARM Linux system so its very dificult to connect the UART to a Windows PC (have to set the my ARM Linux UART on high-impedance and tap the wires to a UART on Windows). But I have designed my board with a mini-USB connector to the HE910 which I can connect to my Linux or an external Windows PC.


    Can you provide me with the FLASH USB drivers for Windows ?


    OTH. I noted when I power up the module that the USB changes from Infineon VID to Telit VID so I guess that the flash process must interrupt that process before togling to Telit; something like stoping the bootloader in order to flash.


    So it is posible to flash a firmware using Linux directly, detecting the VID/PID with udev and sending the magic codes ? Obviously this is propietary information and we are willing to signf corresponding NDA.


    Thanks in advance

    Juan J. Sierralta


    1. Thanks,


      I received the USB Flash driver and it did work under Windows XP I hope it does on Windows 7 also since I had a hard time finding a Windows XP on my office 🙂


      But my question is can I do a firmware upgrade directly under Linux ?


      I understand I should sign an NDA according to an older post I saw in this very forum.


      Thanks in advance.