HE910 firmware upgrade methods

6 thoughts on “HE910 firmware upgrade methods

  1. Are these the only possible methods for doing the firmware upgrade?

    1. USIF0 (is it actually possible?)

    2. USIF1

    3. USB

    4. FOTA (where can I find more info?)

    1. Yes, USIF0 definitelly possible; for FOTA you have to talk to Telit via your vendor/Telit representative.

      1. I’m not having any luck with the USIF0 method — when I try to program it via Xfp @ 115200 BAUD (and a level shifter to/from 1.8V), I see that it’s sending “AT” and the modem echoes it back, but nothing else happens.

      2. I’m also unable to do the firmware upgrade via the USB (even on an EVK) – trying all 6 virtual COM ports (“code: -4”) and the USB port (“can not open USB”) in Xfp. The modem is on (PWRMON HIGH).

        1. Are you following the procedures described in Telit Modules Software User Guide? OFF-ON procedure, and “A trick to use with HE910 Family”?

          In order to use the USB port when is used a Module belonging to the HE910 Family it is mandatory to manually write “USB” into the Port Box. The COMx displayed by the tool are those provided by the Windows OS. Before starting the upgrade via USB, it is mandatory to install on the PC the Telit_HE910_FlashUSB_Driver_xxx available on the Telit Download Zone area.

          1. Still getting the “Can not open USB” error even after installing the “Telit USB Flash Driver” and rebooting.