HE910-EUG GPS warm state

4 thoughts on “HE910-EUG GPS warm state

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there a possibility to retain the GPS receiver in a “warm state” when the Python engine goes wild, in my case typically as a result of a cellular network failure?

    In such cases I am letting the watchdog take command after 10 seconds to restart the engine.

    But unfortunately, the restart also drops GPS power and then I need to reissue AT$GPSP=1. That causes a loss of navigational result for approx. 60 seconds.

    Any way to overcame this pause of navigation, after the watchdog being triggered?  Or at least a way to minimize this pause?

      1. Hi Cosmin,


        Good question. I have set MOD.watchdogEnable(20). But there might be another, hw based watchdog, I must check.


        Would this make a difference?