HE910-EUD 4kByte/sec download

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  1. Hi

    I have a module based on HE910-EUD. I am trying to download 100kByte file using AT#SD command.
    If I use directly AT commands instead of python script it takes 10 seconds for the file to be printed on terminal.
    Since I use 115200bps baud rate, that is to be expected.
    If I use the same set of at commands via python script, it takes more than 25 seconds to download the file. MDM.read function returns 4096 bytes of data with a 1 second interval. The code only calculates length of the received data. There is no thread, disk write, delay etc.
    Reading 100kByte file from disk using AT#RSCRIPT command takes several miliseconds using the python MDM interface so while loop that I use to do MDM.read can not be the culprit.
    What could be the reason for the 4kByte/sec download rate?

    P.S. I tinkered with AT#SCFG command and got the several 4096 byte data chunks at the beginning without the “one second interval” but the rest of the data still comes with 4kByte/sec.

    Mustafa Sakarya

          1. Hi,

            I still wait for your comment regarding the python script that uses MDM module for AT command Interface.

            Now I have a second question:
            I have no problem using python socket module on PC in client or server mode. But in HE910 modem, I can create a socket object but socket.connect() times out even though AT#SD can connect to the same server. Please guide me on where I can find code sample and/or documentation for python socket module regarding telit modems.

            Best Regards
            Mustafa Sakarya