HE910-DG firmware versions

2 thoughts on “HE910-DG firmware versions

  1. Is there any detailed description available on the difference between firmware version 12.00.004 and 12.00.006 for HE910-DG? We are having problems with 12.00.006 that we are not experiencing on 12.00.004. Regularly (seems to happen on 4 hour intervals) our external microprocessor needs to do a hardware reset on the modem, I haven’t identified precisely what is going on in the modem, but as I said, this is something that doesn’t happen in 12.00.004.


    Also, in 12.00.004 the clock seems to drift a few seconds per hour, but we are not experiencing that in 12.00.006. Was that a bug that has been fixed in 12.00.006?



    1. There is a doc, Telit Delta SW 12.00.001 12.00.006 r5, which includes the said transition, please take a look.