HE910-D Full current stack for Android

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  1. Your assistance is needed in support of a product using the HE910-D on an Android platform.  That platform is currently running

    • Android Gingerbread OS at 2.3.4
    • Telit android RIL R2.00.02.rc3_HE910
    • cmuxt Verion M2.00.00.RC5
    • baseband 12.00.023

    We are experiencing some issues with the mobile data so want to update to the latest version of Telit software stack for this version of Android.  Can you confirm that we should now use latest baseband 12.00.xx6?

    Also from other posts we expect to have to build cmuxt from source code – but the current Telit TSPMux 64 3.0.7 TDK 2.0.44 package does not appear to include source.  Which current download can we use to get multiplexor source?

    Finally can you direct us to binaries for android RIL appropriate for Gingerbread.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. You know this stuff is under a NDA your company should already have been signed, is better to directly ask your Telit close contact to get the required info & files.

  2. I confirm you latest firmware for HE910-D is 12.00.026.

    Also from your post I understand you are already using the cmuxt driver M2.00.00.RC5, this is the latest driver for Linux.

    The TSPMux 64 3.0.7 TDK 2.0.44 package is a CMUX Windows driver.

    1. Many thanks to both of you for the quick responses.

      Cosmin, I’m asking questions here because those same queries by us and our client through their formal representative have not yielded any response, after several times of asking.

      Andrea, can you confirm our RIL version is current too?

      Thanks again!