HE910 AT#MONI & AT#RFSTS unreliable data

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  1. Hi,


    We use AT#MONI and/or AT#RFSTS to get signal power/noise but many times we get wrong values (-0dB):



    #RFSTS: "730 01",,,,,,352E,,16,64,19,0,2,000,5221E69,"730090000414021","Nextel R",3,1,0,0,-0.0 



    #MONI: Nextel R PSC:65535 RSCP:255 LAC:352E Id:5221E69 EcIo:255 UARFCN:65535 PWR:0dbm DRX:64 SCR:0

    #MONI: PSC:0 RSCP:-0 EcIo:-0.0 UARFCN:0 SCR:0 


    We are using 12.00.04. Note the ",," on RFSTS results or -0 on AT#MONI


    Is there any other way to get reliable values for signal quality ? RSSI is an aproximation so is no use here.


    Thanks in advance 

    1. Here is a good explanation, many thanks to my colleague Luca T.:



      It happens that during a voice call performed in 3G network the values reported
      by the command #MONI, #RFSTS, #SERVINFO for the serving cell are unexpected.

       More in details: - received signal strength reports 0dBm - PSC is always 65535 - RSCP is always 255 - EcIo is always 255 - UARFCN is always 65535

      HOW TO REPRODUCE at+ws46=22 OK at#moni #MONI: vodafone IT PSC:30 RSCP:-110 LAC:88F1 Id:076C7D0 EcIo:-6.5 UARFCN:10813 PWR:-97dbm DRX:64 SCR:480 --> in idle is ok

      atd<voice number>; OK at+clcc +CLCC: 1,0,0,0,0,"xxxxxxxx2701",129,"" at#moni #MONI: vodafone IT PSC:65535 RSCP:255 LAC:88F1 Id:076C7D0 EcIo:255 UARFCN:65535 PWR:0dbm DRX:64 SCR:-16            ------>NOK !!!!

      #MONI: PSC:30 RSCP:-111 EcIo:-6.5 UARFCN:10813 SCR:480 #MONI: PSC:62 RSCP:-115 EcIo:-8.5 UARFCN:10813 SCR:992 #MONI: PSC:329 RSCP:-119 EcIo:-10.0 UARFCN:10813 SCR:5264


      During a call (CELL_DCH) there is no serving cell in 3G. During 3G connected mode the UE maintains an active set for the connection. The active set consits of up to 6 cells that are used for data reception and transmission. For this reason the parameters for the serving cell are not valid during "connected mode". The values are set to 0xFF /0xFFFF to indicate that they are invalid and shall not be used. - received signal strength reports 0dBm - PSC is always 65535 => 0xFFFF - RSCP is always 255 => 0xFF - EcIo is always 255 => 0xFF - UARFCN is always 65535 => 0xFFFF So URRC behaviour for reporting of engineering mode is correct and as per design. --------------- Conclusion: --------------- During connected mode there is no serving cell in 3G but an active set containing up to 6 cells used for the connection. For this reason no serving cell data can be reported and the values are per design invalidated.


  2. Thanks Cosmin for the excelent explanation.


    I did note that it always happens during a "voice" call.


    But it also happens when there is a PDP context up ?


    Or when there is a PDP context and data transfering ? 


    Because I get unexpected values randomly but in my application I do have PDP context always up.