HE910 AT#I2CRD command question

6 thoughts on “HE910 AT#I2CRD command question

  1. Does anyone know what it means to have the AT#I2CRD command returning ERROR?


    We verified the pin designations for SDA and SCL are valid, and we can see the signals going to the device on the other end.  But the command returns ERROR.  Went over the HE910 AT command reference guide, and couldn’t find any explanation on what this could imply.


    Greatly appreciate any information on this.



    1. Please set AT+CMEE=2 for more verbose errors, maybe will reveal something.

      Check and report firmware version.


      1. Thanks.

        After setting AT+CMEE=2, the return response from the AT#I2CRD is

        operation not allowed.


         Weird.  We can see the signals going to the component on the scope…

        1. Never mind.  Problem solved.

          It seems that there is an error in the HE910 AT command reference guide.  It states that at the end of the I2CRD execution that GPIO will be restored to the original setting.  It doesn’t seem to.  Need to do an extra AT#GPIO before each I2CRD.