HE910 AT+CGQMIN parameters value?

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  1. Hi,


    I’m trying to find a way to know / set the minimum acceptable quality after which the module should disconnect from the network.


    I found the CGQMIN command but it is not clear what are the value I can put for each parameters and what impact they will have on the system connection. Anyway, is it the right command that will fill my needs?


    By default, can we say the module will disconnect from the network if it passes under -100dBm for example? Can we adjust this somewhere in CGQMIN?


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    1. You can find more information about QoS on GSM 03.60:



      see from pg.88


      About UMTS QoS 3GPP 23.107



      We generally suggest to not change the CGQMIN settings since they can cause the impossibility to establish a connection, in case the network has not enough resources.

      But if this is the scope of your request, then I would recommend to test it carefully on different traffic and signal conditions.



      1. What about the disconnection pattern? We are working on testing the HE910 and we are losing the connection to our servers with CSQ of -90 or -95. Is there a limit at which the module will disconnect automatically? 


        I imagine it is not only one thing that can cause disconnection. If it is the case, does it exist a tool to know what could have cause a disconnection? Like a log or something like that in the module? 

        1. There isn’t a specific level set into the module, it depends on the sensitivity of the receiver.


          You can verify last cause of disconnection with AT#SLASTCLOSURE command