HE910 AT command getting OK instead of real answer

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  1. Hi,


    I’m working with HE910-NAR rev 12.00.303. I’m trying the get the CNUM command working which is ok on UC864 but on HE910, I’m always getting OK instead of CNUM: "","",xxx.


    Same thing happens with SGACT?. Using SGACT=?, i get a correct answer of the range of the different parameters of the command but when sending SGACT?, the answer is OK again which is not what I waited for.


    Can someone help with this?



    1. How exactly are you sending commands?


      From Telit HE910 AT Commands Reference Guide

      AT+CNUM  Execution command returns the MSISDN 

      AT+CNUM=?  Test command returns the OK result code 


      I sent you a download link for 12.00.xx4, try this newer firmware.

      1. I’m sending AT+CNUM<CR> and I only receive "OK". Same thing for AT#SGACT?<CR> for which I only receive "OK".


        I’m communicating on the MAIN serial port. It’s working for a lot of commands but these two are not.


        Also, i’m not sure I will be able to update the firmware because I will need to tweak my pcb to get access to serial port but nevertheless, I would need the XFP tool.


        BTW, do you have a changelog for version 304? is there any chance that would fix my bug?