HE910 AT command buffer size

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  1. HE910/UE910/UL865 AT Commands Reference Guide, 80378ST10091A Rev.7 – 2014-03-24, on page 21 of 469 says:

    "The command line buffer accepts a maximum of 80 characters. If this number is exceeded none of the commands will be executed and TA returns ERROR."

    Basically, that makes sense, having an upper limit in a command buffer.


    But when writing a piece of code for posting measurement data to a server, I recently realized I was routinely yielding AT commands like this one:


    That is more than 120 characters. Amazingly enough, it still works.


    So does anyone know what am I missing here and do I risk something? Or is there actually a reason to say that the command buffer capacity is only 80 chars?

  2. Hello Tom,

    the buffer size has been increased from 80 to 400 characters, to meet the requirements of some AT commands, for instance AT#HTTPSND.
    AT commands like this, operates with longer strings and therefore this change was required.

    The correct value is 400.
    We will correct this statement in the user guide.

    Another thing, the syntax of the command AT#HTTPSND seems incorrect.
    The server address should be declared with the command AT#HTTPCFG and the protocol HTTP is already declared, since you are using #HTTP commands.

    The correct syntax should be in this form:

    1. Dear Taj,


      thank you very much, appreciate your valuable response! 400 chars sounds really nice to me 🙂 I do feel reassured about this … probably going to build more complicated postings.


      Correct, I could streamline my posting command, although it works even as it is now.