He910 and Ge865 reboot issue

One thought on “He910 and Ge865 reboot issue

  1. Hi,

    I am using He910 connected uart in a project.

    When I first power up the device every thing is ok and I can send and receive AT commands. My problem is that, sometimes, I need to reboot de modem, and after reboot, I dont receive answers from modem anymore. I am doing the following steps:


    ON_OFF = 0

    wait at least 3sec

    ON_OFF =1


    wait 5 secs and power off the device

    wait 5 secs and power onthe device


    ON_OFF = 0

    wait at least 5sec

    ON_OFF =1


     wait 5 secs


    Send AT and no more answers


    I tryed also with Ge865 and same result.


    Any ideas?


    Thanks a lot