HE863 USB driver doesn’t recognize the module

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  1. Hi,


    I want to use the HE863 module sold on a custom board with a PC like a generic 3G modem.

    I’ve installed the HE863 driver on my PC and after I connect the HE863 module to the PC.

    The USB enumeration pop-up a “7 CDCs”  device with VID 1519 and PID 0020 so the communication seem to be OK, but the “new found hardware wizard” doesn’t find the driver.

    The zip file name is Telit_HE863_USB_Driver_Win_2K_XP_Vista_W7_3_54_00.zip from my distributor.


    Do you  have an explanation?



  2. Hi Cosmin,

    I try on an another PC with XP too and I have the same problem.

    I install first the telit driver and 3 pilots are installed (Port, USB, Modem).

    When I plug the USB cable, The wizard doesn’t find the driver.

    Where can I find it on the PC? 


  3. If you do the install as per doc, the driver should be automatically found without the need to browse for it. Please uninstall the driver and try with the one I sent as download link to your email, strictly following the in pdf doc described procedure.


    Is not plugged in Telit EVK right?

    1. It’s not the telit EVK. It’s a custom board.

      I remove the driver (3 packages of driver) and I install the new driver and the resume page is OK. After I plug the cable and the XP wizard ask me for driver, but don’t find it. I don’t understand why.

      If I look again on the software manager, the 3 packages are installed.






  4. Hi

    I test with a another new PC and I can’t install the drivers.Can it come from a bad USB layout ?

    Can I force the HE863 USB port to Full speed?


        1. You need at least version 11.00.001 for these drivers, please upload the firmware I sent you by email through serial port and try again with the drivers.


          1. Thanks. Last week, I asked for a new firmware version to the support, but I can’t used it because I didn’t have a direct access to the serial port of the module.

            My PC is linked to a microcontroller by a virtual com port (USB link) and the microcontroller is connected to the HE863 serial port.

            I did some tries and I can’t reprogram the HE863 module. The update program didn’t synchronise with the module and didn’t start the update process.

             Now I don’t have the board with me. I will retry with a new modified board in 2 weeks I think.