HE863-EUD Sleep Mode

7 thoughts on “HE863-EUD Sleep Mode

  1. Working with the modem using only TXD,RXD,RTS and CTS signals (others of UART left unconnected) and without supplying USB_VBUS, modem enters itself after same time in sleep/shutdown mode.

    The only way to enter in normal mode is doing the turn OFF – turn ON sequence.

    – Is this normal?

    – The factory default of AT+CFUN parameter is set to 1, isn’t?

    – Why HE863 enters in Power Saving Mode?

    – How we can disable permanently the Power Saving Mode?


    1. Is it a sleep or a power off? Can you check PWRMON? What is doing STAT_LED? Can you call the module, does it ring or appears off-network?

      How is connected your module, the other pins?


      1. I could not identifify if device was in power off or sleep mode. What I could say it’s that device was not answering to AT commands any more.


        Because connections, I cannot tell about PWRMON or STAT_LED status indications.


        Find used schematic on attachment.


        1. I suppose is in power off then – but consider to use all important lines in your design to be able to check useful signals.  Try to identify at which particular stage the shutdown happens, check  with and without SIM inserted.

          1. Device had it’s SIM inserted and power supply was not removed.


            If we do not modify AT+CFUN value to any other value than factory default value (1), why module could  modify it’s status to power off or sleep mode?


            What can cause the device to go from full functionality with power saving disabled to power off or sleep mode?


          2. Module will not go into sleep without command however bad schematics/circuits can provoke unexpected shutdowns, especially improper power lines are known to be the cause. Please do the tests without SIM.