gt863-py – scheduled reboot without python

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  1. Is it possible to create a sort of scheduled reboot of the module (ie every 24 hours), without use of python engine?  I searched in all at reference manual, but i didn’t find any at command useful.

    1. I think you searched well, there isn’t such feature, at least not ready to use. Maybe a combination of RTC, alarms and some hardware wiring?

      1. Thanks for reply! This is my script in python to restart the module every 24 hours. The “GPIO led” code part is the feedback that tells me the script is running. I need this because the module is connected to an old datalogger that sends an “AT#SKTOP” via serial port to the module every 3 minutes. Sometimes, especially when the network operator resets the sim card or when the network signal is low, after some “sktop”, the module seems to freeze and it needs to switch it power off and on. I have not tested yet. Do you think it’s a possible solution to the hang of the module? Thanks in advance, and excuse me for the bad english!


        follow the script


        import MOD
        import GPIO

        intSecs = MOD.secCounter()



        1. Well give it a try!

          I would investigate why these freezes appear and work for a solution; if the old datalogger isn’t clever enough to implement on it move the logic to the Python engine.


  2. I’ve tested the script above for several months, and it seems worked fine: after a "sim reset" by operator, the module has reconnected to network after the reboot forced by the script.


    However in some cases it’s possible avoid the python solution: unlike ge863 modules, the quadv2 modules can be rebooted with simple at#enhrst command that operates (i think) in similar mode to the python watchdog!