GT863-3GG Power VIN Pin on the AUX connector

2 thoughts on “GT863-3GG Power VIN Pin on the AUX connector

  1. Dear technical support team,


    my customer needs help to initialise and use the Telit GT863-3GG Terminal.


    I found the ducumentation:




    The functionality of the Power VIN Pin on the AUX connector is not documented.

    Can you explane how can be used?



    Polyrack Electronic-Aufbausysteme GmbH

    Ahmet Tasseki

    Project Manager

    Phone: +49 7082 7919 749



    Please contact directly the customer, and for a data connection send an example of the needed AT commands.


    Many thanks for your time and support.

    1. This
      is the input voltage of the unit (from the 4 pin connector) after
      protection (spike suppressor, over voltage protection and reverse
      voltage protection).

      this pin you can supply power to external component and be sure that no
      voltage spikes reverse, etc.. protections is needed.