GSM lib – GSM_PowerOnOff fail

7 thoughts on “GSM lib – GSM_PowerOnOff fail

  1. Hi,


    I try to use GSM_PowerOnOff fuction from GSM library.

    This function returns always 500 exit code and do nothing.

    Communication with GSM module work fine.

    Any suggestion?


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    1. Error 500 is GSM_UNKNOWN_ERROR.

      Do you have connected all required pins as per function description (by default is the wiring of the PRO3 EVK). You can measure these pins to see if they are behaving right during function execution.


  2. Hi,


    I’m using  EVK-PRO3.

    At this moment I can’t measure this signals, I’m working remotely. 

    But the GSM still work after  GSM_PowerOnOff(GSM_POWER_OFF);




  3. Can you tell me the latest version of the GSM library. I have C.00.08, although the pdf I have is for 0.7

    If there is a later version, could I get a link to download it please; and also the latest pdf?


    Also, what is the latest linux source package version?




    1. Telit_GE863-PRO³_GSM_Library_C0_00_08 and Telit_GE863-PRO³_Linux_source_code_07_1007 are the latest in the Download Zone. The latest pdf is Telit_GE863-PRO³_Linux_GSM_Library_User_Guide_r2, download link sent to you.