GPS Controller Powering Down By itself

One thought on “GPS Controller Powering Down By itself

  1. Device : Telit HE910
    Device Firmware Version : 12.00.005
    Host : imx28
    Communication : USB (Always connected)
    VBATT : 3.9 volt (Always)

    I invoked cmuxt as in below line
    cmuxt -d -p /dev/ttyACM0 -m he910

    As a result, 3 TTY ports got created ttyMUX1 , ttyMUX2, and ttyMUX3

    ttyMUX1 : Locked for ppp connection
    ttyMUX2 : Application to continuously Receive Signal Strength, Network Operator Name, and few radio parameters
    ttyMUX3 : Used for receiving GPS messages

    No data is sent towards /dev/ttyMUX3. Still We could see the GPS Controller going down by itself and gets back by itself in 5 – 8 seconds at times.

    In that period of time, I get 0 as response for AT command AT$GPSP?. After that 8 seconds, or so, GPS Controller is UP by itself.

    Could some one help us get ourselves out of this weird problem ?

    This problem occurs around 3 – 4 times in a day or so of continuous usage of Telit HE910 as explained above.

    Let me know if some one needs additional information