GPRS stops working after long periods of time

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    We are using a GC864 in GPRS mode in a device that runs 24/7 after a
    week of operation it stops responding. I’ve already confirmed with the carrier
    that this is most likely due to the IP lease expiring. The only way I’ve found to get a new
    IP is to reset the module then use AT#SGACT again. This isn’t the most elegant
    solution. Is there some other AT command I can use to dump the current IP then obtain
    a new one?


    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Stephen,


      1. Please read module firmware AT+CGMR, check if latest.

      2. What does it mean "stops responding"? To a server or client request? Do you keep a 3. socket open which remains hung at one end?

      3. What about context, does it remain activated (check AT#SGACT?)?

      4. Deactivating the context with normal command AT#SGACT=x,0 won’t work where x is used PDP context?

      5. With #SGACTCFG automatic reactivation of the context can be set, reporting the new IP address. Tried this?