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  1. Hi,

    I have been monitoring status of GPRS service with AT+CGATT and have noticed that in some cases the service is detached after some short idle time (no sending over gprs). This time can be as short as 10 sec. Is this normal / related to the particular network or operator or is this indication of some other problem? Also what is the correct action to be taken? Should I just attach the GPRS service again with AT+CGATT?


    1. Hi Roman,

      this behaviour is not normal , and Iwould like to know how to reproduce it , if I can.

      Can you tell me plese which FW version do you have?

      And also the sequence of operation are you doing when module detach.

      1. Hi Luca,

        fw version is 10.00.005, however I am not aware of any specific steps to reproduce it. The device I have seen the problem on, is running a fw that seems to be ok with other devices. 

        To connect I use AT#SD, then AT#SSEND and after reponse is received (indicated with SRING) I close the connection with AT#SH. I am sending AT+CGATT? every 5 sec during idle time (no data being send over GPRS) and I can see that usually 10-50 sec. after last communication CGATT starts responding with 0. The next time I try to send something it usually fails on AT#SD with error +CME ERROR: 559. Again after some time (maybe it’s related to the fact that I try to send something) CGATT reads 1 and communication works OK. 

        After I wrote my first question I have made a modification and reattach GPRS service manually every time I detect it’s down. This seems to be solving this problem for me at least for now..