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  1. Hi,


    In our device we use mostly the GPRS functionality. In some situations it can happen that the mobile operator shuts down parts of the network or maybe only some functionality (due to some maintenance).

    I would like to ask what would be the best approach that will allow me to test whether GPRS service is still functional and maybe how to respond if its not.


    1. The first indication is GPRS registration status AT+CGREG, then the GPRS attach status, check with AT+CGATT, then the context activation success (AT#SGACT for example) will confirm full functionality.

      Unfortunately the actual transfers quality might suffer because of other issues, gateways, firewalls, proxies etc., in this case only setting up the connection and transferring data will show the reality.





      1. Thanks for the quick reply..

        so lets say I have been succesull with context activation I still should be able to see GPRS registration and attach status changes when checking the +CGATT and +CGREG?

        Of course I am also using actual connection as indicator but if that is not working it can still be caused by the other side and the modem can be perfectly ok..  

        1. I would say that in a common scenario first thing you’ll notice will be loss of connection, then you can check activation status and so on. You can also enable GPRS event reporting with AT+CGEREP to be informed with URCs.