GPRS Network Latency and packet loss

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  1. Greetings,


      I would like to know what would be the average round trip time for a packet in an GPRS

    Network, I do understand that the answer to this question varies depending on traffic and other parameters, but I would appreciate if anyone could provide an approximate figure?

    By pinging my GC864QUADV2 modem from a network (CANTV) different of that of my cellular service provider (movistar: telefónica Venezuela) I get an average time of :

     907 mseg for 32 bits packets, see RTT-32bits.jpg image

     813 mseg for 64 bits packets see RTT-64bits.jpg image

    Are these numbers close to what I should be measuring??


    While pinging the modem I also noticed a percentage of packet loss that oscillates from

    10% to 30% which seems to be high, during all the tests the modem is in the same location and running a python script, could the packet loss be related to failure of the modem to respond to all the incoming packets while performing other tasks?? or it is more likely to be related to radio link errors, which parameters should I measure to discard either hypothesis??


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    Haroldo Calvo