GPRS Inter-networking

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  1. Hi Cosmin, 


    I’m working on a GPRS networking project and before i invest in it, i’ll need your advice; so please review the attached file and let me know :


    • If the suggested networking scheme is feasible to implement?

    • What Telit module(s) best suit the topology or scheme?

    • What are some possible pit falls or drawbacks in the arrangement?




      Bascially the network is as follows:


      • U, V, Y, A, B, C and Client X1 to X6 represents GSM/GPRS modules.

      • There will be more of A, B, C, D, E …etc added in the chain and will all talk with Y.

      • There will be more of pair X7 & X8; X9 & X10 etc added to corresponding D and E respectively. In fact more pairs of A and Xn modules will be added to the network

      • The direction of communication will start by Client X1 or X2 talking with A; A will talk to B and Y and finally Y will communicate with U and or V or Client X3 or X4 talking with B; B will talk to A or C and Y and finally Y will communicate with U and or V etc .

      • Is a bit confusing to explain but I know exactly how the communication will take place across the network and all in need to know is if it’s feasible with Telit modules!



      Please let me know if there is a better way of implementing such a scheme.


      I’ll also appreciate if Telit or you have any extra material that covers or illustrate networking with GPRS modules. I ‘ll be dealing with a network of about 100 such modules so i need to know up front if it can be easily implemented using Telit modules and i don’t mind paying for an extra tutorial that will cover such networking design details (i’ve already gone through the Easy GPRS, IP and Remote AT command tutorials).


      The data to be transmitted across the network will be in real time and will be less than 64 byte in size.






    1. Hi Paul,


      I cannot see something uncommon in your schematic, looks like an usual multi-server multi-client topology. What is to check, related with GSM/GPRS/UMTS networks, is if you can obtain public IPs to your modules to be able to use them as servers, or a VPN – usually mobile devices have assigned IPs from the mobile network’s operator internal address space, without possibilities to be accessed from outside world.

      Any Telit module can be used, how to select one is subject of more detailed analysis, how will you implement the application, external host or internal Python apps, hardware technology you have at hand, etc.


      As for docs, Telit IP Easy User Guide is a good start, along with general readings about GSM/GPRS etc, widely available on the net.