GPRS date issue

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  1. Hello,

            I am using GL868 dual/GL865 dual on my GPRS hardware. After every power ON of hardware, I use ‘AT+CCLK?’ command to read dat & time from GSM network. Out of 50 times, it is giving me 47-48 times correct date and time. But 2-3 times, it it giving me date & time value as its default date & time i.e. yy/mm/dd-00/01/01.

    Even though it is not giving me proper date & time readings, the gsm network strength is good enough to connect with my ftp server, for data logging. whrn I log data with RTC timestamp, it is giving me incorrect date & time.

    If I again restart the hardware, then it will give me correct date & time. But sometimes randomly it is giving me incorrect date & time. So I want to know that what is the problem/reason behind such case. And what should I do to overcome such problem????

    Note: Once the hardware is placed in remote factory location, then it is impossible for one to go there and manually resart the hardware. 

    1. When are you reading the clock? The update is made after GSM or GPRS registration so will take some time.

      What are AT#NITZ settings? Enable the URC to see if the update comes.

      If network clock update fails to come you can use AT#NTP.

      1. I am reading RTC after 25 seconds of Power ON. In manual, they have suggested that modem will take approx. 15-20 seconds to initialize after power on.

        I have checked ‘AT#NITZ?’ and settings are #NITZ=7,0

        What is NTP server? How can I use this settings for RTC? Do I need to have NTP server for this?

        1. AT#NTP with <update_module_clock> set to 1 will update the module clock. There are public NTP server but of course one can mantain his own.