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  1. Hi, 

    Our devices are doing periodic connection check (basically connecting to a remote server and exchanging some data) every 30 secs. On a few of them I can see that it’s not possible to make the connection (I get +CME ERROR: 559 as result for AT#SD cmd) every 2 hours and 36 minutes (give or take 1-2 minutes) for about 2-3 minutes. Then all is OK again. I would find quite normal that there is occasionaly a problem with establishing connection, however this period of 2:36 is confusing. Also there are other devices connected to the same server that works fine all the time (even during this off-periods). Could this be some network problem, or do you have any idea what I can check or look for? Modem is GE865 with fw 10.01.000.

    Thank you

    Roman Bris

    1. That is weird Roman.

      – always the same devices?

      – always then same location?

      – are other devices in the same location working OK?

      – what is the status of other parameters (registration, GPRS registration, attach, context open)?

      – what if you open a socket before and transfer data during the bad period, does it keep working?

      – connections to other servers work?

      1. yes definetely puzzling.. And yes, the same device (at least we did no have any other report like that from different ones), the same location. As for the other thing, we are currently testing different scenarious (we will add connection to another server running on our side). As for checking other parameters I am not 100% sure since it is a live installation at customer so I do not have all the possibilities. But I do have log from AT comm. from device to modem and no reattach or context opening was done when it’s starts to work again. It looks like there really is a problem to connect to the server, timeout occuress exactly at the specified time that was set (40 sec. and normally when it’s working it is connected withing 1-2 secs.). We will try different SIM card, maybe different operator…