GPIO Alternate Functions Definitions for HE910

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  1. Hello, I’m using the HE910 and want to make use of the GPIO and Python scripting.  From what I’ve learned interrupts are not support but polling should work.  Also, GPIO_01 has been assigned for modem activity and I’ve been told GPIO_08 and _09 are good candidates for I2C.  Are there any other alternate functions I should know about?  The documentation has a bunch of N/A’s for the HE910 and I wanted to be sure I can safely use the other GPIO pins for general IO without adversely affecting behavior of the module.  Thanks.



    1. Hi Al,


      Python 2.7 in HE910 has GPIO custom module implemented; in Hardware User Guide the GPIO specific paragraph has a list of all available GPIO pins and their logic levels, indeed all are dedicated GPIO less GPIO_01 which is set to STAT LED alternate function.