GM862QUAD SIM Card dies

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  1. Hello


    we have more than 1000 modems out in the field (mainly Austria and Germany) which use the GM862QUAD. Recently we have the phenomenon, that SIM cards die in the modem. The modem just does not accept the SIM card anymore. It was always powered on.


    If we replace the simcard with a new one, without switching of the modem in order not to loose the data, the module connects and transmitts the buffered data. (I know modem should be switched off when changing the SIM)


    We had to change 5 sim cards in different devices in the last 2 months. The modems are battery powered and had a stable power source. Does anybody experience the same issues? Any ideas what could cause the SIM card malfunction?


    Further, we have the impression that the cell reception is getting worse. Are the GSM/GPRS networks in Austria that much overloaded?


     We are thankful for any help.


    Best regards,



  2. Hi,

    We have got
    complaints from our customers about faulty/broken SIM-cards. We have
    just started to investigate the problem and I would really like to be updated
    with information regarding this issue.

    The modem
    we are using is the HE910.


    Best regards,



    1. Hi Patrick,


      can it be you are writing in the bad section of forum?

      This task has been already solved as well as I know.

      What is your problem and where have you asked in hte past sorry?

  3. Yes I know it is the
    wrong forum but since someone had an issue with SIM-Cards I thought it 
    be related or at least I could get an idea about what kind of problems that are
    possible to have.


    Since Andrea wrote that
    he would update the forum when the issue had reach a conclusion and there were
    no more info regarding the fault I requested to be updated.

    When the issue stopped being
    updated and no further information is given as promised I presume that you are
    still working with it.


    I have not asked about
    the “our” faulty SIM-card because I do not have enough information regarding
    the real problems other than some SIM-card are “dead”.

    This was just a way to
    start early and get information regarding similar problems.