GM862-GPS vs GE864-GPS

2 thoughts on “GM862-GPS vs GE864-GPS

  1. If I mount a current GE864-GPS in/on a GM862-GPS case/form-factor, do I obtain something 100% compatible (HW/FW/SW) with the last GM862-GPS?

    If not, what could be the major / minor differences?

    Supply voltage range is the same.
    Firmware seems to be the same.
    GPS performance should be better.

    Any particular caveats? 

    Thanks in advance.

    1. They are different platforms (Elite vs Xgold) so there are differences inherently. In hardware, power supply requirements are slightly different, logic levels too, some different pins, GPIO etc. – a thorough parallel between Hardware User Guides is required.  There are differences at software level too.

       But, even with some head scratching, is doable. Is this to use an old support board?