GM862-GPS for new designs?

4 thoughts on “GM862-GPS for new designs?

    1. GM 862 family end of life is in 2013, a Product Change Notification (End Of Life) was issued by Telit on May 27th, 2012:


      Telit would like to inform that, the following GSM/GPRS modules based on the Intel  E-Gold Lite chipset  are arriving to the End of Life status. 





      1. i want to know what is the consequences of using this module and what is the effect of using it in new product when its End Of Life is in 2013?

        Thank you for your Patience.

        1. It depends of your product, intended volume, your market, if you have modules stock or can obtain enough etc.



          Build To Order term: May 31st, 2012 – From this date the product is available upon firm order,  (not cancellable and not re-schedulable).
          Last Buy Order term: November 30th, 2012 – Orders will only be confirmed till this date. Later orders for the affected products might be accepted upon availability on the chipset.  
          End of Maintenance term: May 31th, 2013 – TTSC and Telit R&D will no longer provide support on the product.

          Last Shipment term: May 31st 2013 – Last shipping date of scheduled orders which were placed before November 30h 2012.